When it comes to email marketing, newsletters and special offers are just the tip of the iceberg.

You can use the SMART email tool for all aspects of your business including:


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Sales Offers

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Investor Relations

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Customer Service Announcements

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Trade Show Support

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Sales Force Training & Updates


Create HTML and Text Messages

Studies have shown higher response rates to HTML messages compared to simple text messages.

Create Multiple Lists

You can create lists that exclude recipients of a previous mailing so a person doesn’t receive the same message twice.

Send Follow-up Messages

Send follow-up messages to people who responded to previous messages and new messages to people who didn’t.

Bounceback Management

Enjoy bounceback management so you can tell you did and didn’t get your message allowing you to decide whether to keep subscribers active or delete them.

Privacy Protection

The SMART email tool uses lists that you provide, and they are never sold or reused for any other purpose. In addition, our two-step opt-in process ensures that invalid addresses are never included in your mailings and protects the privacy of your email subscribers.
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The SMART email tool is easy to use!

Simply log into SMART and you can:

  • View real-time reporting of responses, messages sent and subscriptions.
  • Create a schedule and set automated reminders.
  • Manage subscribers data in your email list